This medley of postcards is chosen from themes in my collection which might not deserve a whole book to themselves or, in some cases, are from themes too sparsely stocked. Here is a list of the subject titles: Important-looking Empty Armchairs, Steps and Ladders, Trees, Rocks, Families, Dwellings, Religion, Curious Structures, Poultry, Motoring (nostalgic), Missing (limbs), People with Animals, Sports & Play, Mantelpieces, Fashion, War, Enigma, and Wheels.

A few of these subjects are peculiar to my interests and unsought by others. When I ask a dealer for their ‘mantelpiece’ section, I am usually met with incredulity. The idea that armchairs, often to be found in a photograph of a domestic interior, can project personality, and a sense of craving for human posteriors, either alarms or amuses the seller at a postcard fair. Quirkiness is the rule, however, and my taste catered to sympathetically – new things to be looked for in the zillions of cards waiting to be sifted by those who show their stock for sale.

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