We are drawn to exceptions of all sorts: whether in nature as in trees or animals, or constructions such as doll’s houses or megabombs, extraordinary variations in size elicit amazement. This is a collection of postcards made about 100 years ago to feed a hunger for astonishment that will be shared between sender and recipient.

In the heyday of postcards (pre-WWI) if you were very, very small, or considerably heavier and taller than average, you could make a living as an exhibit in fairs, sideshows and circuses. Very tiny but normally proportioned, you would be called a midget; below 58 inches in height, you would be one of the ‘little people’ and be called a dwarf if the proportions of your body were abnormal, and as such, in far-off times, might be chosen for an adornment to a royal court or even considered to have a magical status.

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